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Why Should You Live In A Townhouse Complex?

Many homeowners have a wrong notion about the life in a townhouse complex. The majority of them think that a townhouse is a glorified apartment where houses are squished together that they share the same wall. Also, some people believe that townhouses are controlled by iron-fisted homeowners’ associations where residents are forced to follow certain rules and regulations. In fact, most of these notions are wrong about townhouses. This article provides an overview of why you need to live in a townhouse complex.

All townhouses are not condos for instance. In fact, a townhouse owner own the patch of land where their houses are located while condo owners own only the airspace inside the condominium. You will not own the land if you are living in a condo. Hence, if your dream is to own a piece of land on this planet, you should think about living in a townhouse. Condominiums could be townhouse-style, apartment-style, or several small houses. Hence, a townhouse is not exactly a condo. The homeowners’ association plays an active role when you are living in a townhouse. In fact, you have to pay a small fee every month to them and they will take care of all the maintenance work of the building and little patch of garden surrounding your house.
A townhouse comes with a community which has certain amenities. Most complexes come with a pool, gym, tennis court, laundry room, and a recreation room. Even if your complex doesn’t have all these amenities, the owners can get together and get these facilities added by pooling their money. As a townhouse owner, you will own a certain percentage of each of these amenities inside the complex. For example, if there are 50 units in your complex, each townhouse owner owns 2% of all these amenities. The advantage of a townhouse is it is much cheaper than a single home or a free-standing home. The only difference is you will be paying your mortgage as well as the homeowners’ association fees every month. But a single-house owner will only pay the mortgage. Townhouses can sometimes share a wall or two with neighboring houses. But this doesn’t happen all the time.

This read offers important information on why you should be living in a townhouse right now. It offers some of the major advantages of residing in a townhouse complex.

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