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After watching a lot of TV shows that implicates DIY home renovation, you probably would like to start making your own furniture, redoing your kitchen and whatnots, ASAP. Sure it sounds enticing, but it’s better to be cautious specially if it’s your first time!

In this article by Judy Dutton of Realtor, she shared with us the pros and cons of DIY home renovation.


Reality shows like “Renovation Rescue” and Rehab Addict” inspire many to get off the couch, pick up a hammer, and give DIY a try—but a new study reveals these shows may have a scary side effect: People are wielding tools they have absolutely no idea how to use—and getting injured as a result.
It’s better to know first what you will be dealing with so you’d be far from being delivered to the ER. Take refreshers, know your gears, etc. But DIYs totally do-able. Don’t you worry!
With that, let us share with you this next article from Bill Newcott of AARP the 7 tips of common house problems. Something that you could start with first before moving on to big renovations.

Yes, You CAN Fix It Yourself

Air conditioner not working well? Look for leaves and debris that have been sucked into the exterior unit. Use a leaf blower to clear the outside screen of unwanted stuff.

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It’s better to start first with small carpentry works or why not, solve first some of the most common home problems before digging in to the entire renovation, DIY. Take some lessons and get help from professionals who knows how to handle these handy works.
Remember, it’s always better to be safe than be sorry! Goodluck!
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