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Apartment may be on top of your list by the end of 2017. With that, we will be sharing with you some tips and tricks you may use right before you purchase one of your top bucket list by the end of the year.

In this article by Jimmy Thompson from Financial Review, he shared with us some mistakes people commit when it comes to having an apartment.

Buying an apartment? Avoid these 5 key mistakes

If you’re new to apartments or teetering on the brink of buying your first unit, don’t trust that someone somewhere will make the right decisions for everyone.

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It is better to know first hand the most common mistakes people do when it’s their first time renting an apartment. It would not hurt if you have the knowledge, right?

Next article is from Brian Bennion of Quest Community News. This article talks about how homeowners are actually against the rising trend of rooftop apartment living.

Homeowners oppose rising trend of rooftop apartment living

Developers of units and townhouses are reaching new heights in the southeast, using rooftop terraces to satisfy communal space requirements.

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Seems that not all are impressed with the current trend of having the communal area in a higher levels of the building. Of course, these re the people who live right below the condominiums and apartments. They can be seen point blank. We could not really blame them though. Talk about privacy.

Living in an apartment is not as easy as it seems. It is always better to be well equipped with knowledge right before you take a bigger step further. With that, you will know when, where and when to start and stop.

Best of luck with your new apartment!

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