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I lived at two other town home complexes while stationed at Ft. Drum but Emerald Acres was by far the best in Watertown and one of the best I have rented outside of a division sized post.

Jeremy Stroud

US Army

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Emerald Acres Town Homes where completed in 2014 in response to many requests by the general public and our local military community to build Quality Spacious Homes and not just more apartments for rent in Watertown NY. Each of our Town Homes are self contained homes with private heating, cooling, water, AC and entrances so you never have to worry about what your neighbor may be doing that can affect your comfort. Our Town Homes where constructed with comfort and energy efficiency in mind, our goal is to provide Affordable, Quality, Housing for anyone in the greater Jefferson County Area, at Emerald Acres Town Homes You will get what you pay for! Call Today 315-629-9525

Emerald Acres Town Homes

23493 Graham Rd

Watertown NY 13601


Brand New Town Houses And Apartments For Rent
in Watertown NY

Are you seeking a Town Houses vs or Watertown NY Apartments, look no further!

Emerald Acres is the Areas Newest Town Home Community recently completed in December of 2013.

This new development features premium units that are ideal for anyone who’s seeking a comfortable and affordable higher standard of living alternative to traditional watertown ny apartments.

These three-bedroom town houses for rent will include an array of features and amenities, such as:

・ 9-foot ceilings

8 Inch Thick Sound Proof Walls between each Town Home

・ central air

・ 42-inch kitchen cabinets

・ 3 bedrooms

・ 2.5 bathrooms

・ …and more!

Emerald Acres is located in a quiet neighborhood that’s centrally-located to everything in the Fort Drum and Watertown NY area. It’s an ideal housing option for anyone who loves a cozy, small town feel that is not too far from the big city action.

Emerald Acre’s largest neighbor is the Fort Drum Military Base, these new townhouses are ideally located for anyone working in or around Fort Drum and is a nice alternative to living on-base. Watertown has a quaint, small-town feel that’s sure to make you feel at home.

Renting a Town Home vs Watertown NY Apartments in the Fort Drum Area

Watertown, which extends over an area of 9.3 square miles, has a population of approximately 27,000 residents. In addition to its convenient location near the Fort Drum Military Base, these new townhouse apartments are also conveniently located near Interstate 81, which leads directly to Syracuse. Syracuse is situated 70 miles to the south, which is just over approximately one hour by car. Its close proximity to Syracuse makes Watertown, NY a wonderful location for commuters who would like to enjoy easy access to the city, while simultaneously enjoying all of the benefits of living in a peaceful and naturally beautiful small town setting.

With its huge small town appeal, Watertown Emerald Acres offers an ideal housing option for anyone seeking to live locally near Fort Drum, along with those who are looking for real estate in a vibrant community with lots of culture and plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation.

Ordinary Watertown NY Apartments For Rent Don’t Hold a Candle To Our Luxurious Townhomes

Over the past few years our local Watertown residents and our Fort Drum military community demanded a higher quality option in house for rent. Emerald Acres Town Homes answered to call with stunningly spacious homes at a price that you can afford.

Our development was completed in 2014, so these apartment homes are practically brand new. Look for an alternative in our marketplace to this high quality and great pricing and you’ll notice that it just doesn’t exist. There are no finer quality houses for rent in the area.

Our town homes were built with an eye for every little exquisite detail as well as with a mind on your wallet. How did we do that?

These modern town homes will keep your utility bills low. These aren’t simply apartments, these are true town homes with private central heating and air, water units, and this is like owning your own home for the price of a rental.

You have to stop in and see them to believe it.

Are you getting what you pay for in your current living space? Well at Emerald Acres Town Homes you get a lot more than what you pay for, our homes are priced affordably for the craftsmanship and overall value that you receive.

Just look at all you get for your dollar, and tell us that you’re not absolutely blown away.

These are and will be some of the most coveted addresses in Jefferson County, impress your gal, your friends, co-workers, and family by leasing one of our stunningly beautiful homes. These are not your average apartments.

Call us right now for availability as well as to discuss all your options, these homes are priced to move and are going fast. We’re not just saying that, we want you to get in now while you still can. We’re standing by and ready to answer all of your important questions, no detail is too small.

Our business is built upon attention to detail and customer service is just one more area in which we excel, we’re here to make you feel welcome and attended to.or

Emerald Acres is the area’s newest town home community, so you can be assured of the finest quality appliances, kitchens, baths, and finishes around. We dare you to look elsewhere and find better value.

These are simply the best, premium units in town, and incomparable to everything else in the area, your search is over, you’ve found what you’re looking for. If you’ve been searching for apartments in the Watertown NY area you already know that we are an amazing find, nothing else even compares.

Our town homes features nine-foot ceilings for an opened and spacious feeling. In addition, we know that our residents need a great night’s sleep, so we didn’t skimp, our walls are absolutely sound proof, giving you a ton of privacy.

Because these town homes are practically brand new, of course we feature central heating and air, you’ll stay cool in the summer and stay toasty warm on our cold Watertown winter nights. We went all out on the kitchens and bathrooms too, you’ll find 42-inch cabinets in the kitchen with amazing finishes.

These town homes are perfect for couples and families alike, as they all feature three full bedrooms. There’s room for children, or for a second office at home. And you won’t be sharing a bathroom; because there are two full bathrooms in addition to a third half bath.

We pride ourselves on having that comfortable small town quaintness, but with elegance you would otherwise only find in larger urban areas, other Watertown NY apartments for rent just cannot compete with us.

Our central location makes leasing one of our homes perfect for commuting to work anywhere in the greater Watertown area, including Fort Drum, of course.

Emerald Acre’s townhouses are strategically located near Fort Drum and we proudly cater to our nation’s service men and women. We have always felt that folks in the service deserve quality, affordable housing and a nicer alternative to living on base, so that’s a big part of what drove this development.

Watertown boasts a population of just over twenty seven thousand according to the latest census; however, our fair town also hosts a significantly large military base otherwise known as Fort Drum. Our townhouse community was built to serve both military folks as well as the larger community.

The location is perfect for most anyone who lives in the area and is most conveniently located near Interstate 81, which heads north towards the Ontario boarder and south towards the larger urban area of Syracuse.

We’ve noticed that some city folk down in Syracuse have gotten a bit tired of all that traffic and noise and have begun looking for some peace and quiet with a little space. Emerald Acres is a great option for people who work in Syracuse but prefer a more rural, small town community to live in, as Watertown is just an hour’s drive from the city.

Watertown Emerald Acres offers ideal houses for rent, and a great option for any military personnel looking to live near Fort Drum, it’s also a great option for those who are looking for a lease in a vibrant community with lots of culture as well as plenty of outdoor recreation to enjoy.

The differences between other houses for rent in the area and one of our townhomes are many and varied.

All of our town homes are one hundred percent self contained, meaning the water, sewer, heat, electric and all other mechanicals are separate from any other unit. It is like owning your own home without the mortgage or having to mow the lawn or shovel the snow, the perfect combination.

If your neighbor is a bit absent minded and clogs his sewer somehow, your sewer will work just fine, and that goes for all the other mechanicals from top to bottom. Self-contained leases are worth it for that reason alone.

In fact our units are considered a single-family home unit by the state of New York, it truly is your own home without the headaches of home ownership.

Many other Watertown area houses for rent will have shared entrances. But, at Emerald Acres, all of our townhomes have separate entrances that access only your unit, with your parking directly in front of your unit as well. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to living in our town homes is our soundproof separation wall, you simply will not find that with other apartments in the area. When we built this development, we looked for features that would exceed the current quality of apartments in Watertown.

You are not going to hear your neighbor with 8 full inches of soundproof noise deadening sheet rock firewall between you and your friendly neighbors, no matter what they may be up to. For a more in depth look at the difference between our homes and other Watertown NY apartment opportunities explore all the information on the site, there’s a lot to discover.

Once you see what we have to offer we know that you’ll come home to our quiet, comfortable and affordable town homes. Other houses for rent in the area just don’t come close.

The differences between Watertown NY Apartments and one of our Town Homes are many. For Starters all of our town homes are self contained, meaning the water, sewer, heat, electric and all other mechanicals are separate from any other unit so if your neighbors sewer is plugged yours will be fine. Each of our Town home units are built just like a separate home and is considered a single family unit by the State of New York. You may find that some Watertown NY Apartments have shared entrances, not at Emerald Acres, all of our Town homes have separate entrances that access only one unit with parking directly in front of each house. Perhaps one of the biggest pluses with living in our town homes vs other watertown ny apartments is our 8 inch sound proof separation wall between each unit. You are not going to hear your neighbor with 8 inches of sound proof noise deadening sheet rock fire wall between the two of you. For a more in depth look at the difference between our homes and other Watertown NYapartments please continue to explore our site.

Browse our site to learn more about these Emerald Acres and then come home to Quiet Comfortable Affordable North Country Living.

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Emerald Acres

23493 Graham Rd

Watertown NY 13601

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